I highly recommend Dr. Toso. She provided a comfortable inviting environment for her clients. She takes the time to listen to whatever you have to say and never judges.

I would highly recommend Dr. Toso. She has helped me and is still helping me get through very difficult circumstances.

Dr. Toso has helped me a great deal with the issues I struggle with on a daily basis. I really appreciate her compassionate and caring approach. I feel that she truly cares about my progress and is dedicated to my future wellbeing.

I have been seeing Dr.Toso for about 3 years now, she has been that positive factor that I needed in my life. She has helped me cope with many issues that I have been experiencing. She displays great listening skills and shows empathy. She has a very flexible schedule and will accommodate to your needs. I will definitely recommend her services to others!

Dr.Toso is patient, kind, and understanding. She creates a safe, comfortable environment and never judges. I have made more progress with her than any other mental health care professional. Highly recommended!

Easy to talk to. Listens attentively and gives feedback appropriate to the issue. Knowledgeable with teen issues without being judgmental. Allows expression of thoughts and problems. Includes parents.

Dr Toso is an experienced clinician who takes the time to know her patients. She has made herself available to my child and myself to encourage and support healthy changes in our family. She offers guidance when asked and provides valuable insights.

I have been seeing Dr Toso for counseling during my divorce process, both with and without my spouse. She has provided great insight into my situation, which has helped me to cope with the stress of the divorce. Her guidance and experience have been a wonderful resource to me.

Dr Toso is very caring and understanding. Just as important, she is very skilled at asking the appropriate questions, which lead me to find my own answers. I have benefited greatly from our conversations.

Dr Toso is great. She is very good in dealing with children. I would highly recommend her. She makes my son feel very comfortable in therapy and is easy to talk to.

I started seeing Dr Toso for my anxiety and panic attacks. She is very easy to talk to and very supportive and understanding of my situation. I feel she gives me great advice on how to cope with my situation. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

My middle school daughter has been a patient of Dr Toso for the past two years, and we have found the experience to be quite valuable. Dr Toso couples' compassion and genuine concern with the ability to uncover difficult themes and root causes of presenting issues. She offers support and advice while still stressing personal accountability - a critical and helpful balance. I would gladly recommend Dr Toso to my friends.

Dr. Toso came highly recommended to me when I was having difficulty with my son being bullied at school. Since I have started bringing him here, Dr. Toso has done so much for him. He has been attending school regularly, eating again (weight was down to 80 lbs). He is attending social activities, playing with his friends, having friends over to the house and no longer spends his days in bed complaining his stomach hurts. Dr. Toso has helped my son by using different techniques to handle his anxiety such as a stress ball and other things. Dr. Toso is very calming to [my son] during our sessions and makes him feel at ease. Today he is 100% better than he was from our fits time here. Dr. Toso got my son through some very tough times and he is now in 8th grade and thriving with his grades, weight, and social development. I thank Dr. Toso for where he is today and would highly recommend her for help with their child.

Dr. Toso is a very caring and compassionate doctor. She really takes her time to listen to your situation with an open mind and helps you make the best decision for the problem at hand. I find Dr. Toso to be real, she does not ignore your problems but helps to find valuable solutions.

I found the entire experience to be beneficial. Due to the fact that Dr. Toso is very compassionate and knowledgeable. she is easy to talk to and i feel comfortable expressing my feelings knowing that Dr.Toso provides good suggestions and ideas that have been helpful in dealing with ongoing situations. I feel better equipped to make positive changes and deal with situations that my arise.

I have been working on family issues for several years with my daughter who is suffering from mental illness. Dr. Toso has always been kind and considerate. Her insights, observations, and recommendations have always been accurate and reassuring. Her warm and caring personality have been so comforting to my entire family.

Dr. Toso is a great listener and sounding board. She has given me advice that has helped me through some difficult and emotional times. It is very helpful to have someone objective to be able to tell your problems to. I would certainly recommend her services to others.